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Life Pearls - 936 Moments to Seize

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Life Pearls is a unique concept for a new mother.

I remember being a new mother. The anticipation of the baby’s arrival. The fear of my new role as a mommy. The dreams I had for my child. Choosing a name, that was the perfect first gift from me.

I met motherhood on November 3, 1989, at 12:51 am. After a three hour and twenty-eight minute labor, I welcomed a son. He weighed 6-pounds 7-ounces. He had beautiful dark brown hair and cherub cheeks. I named him Jacob–after my great-great grandfather.

My oldest, Jacob was the child with colic.

He was the baby that changed my world.

There were firsts. Firsts smile. First steps. First words. First day of school. Firsts that came rapidly and the only child that still paves the way of firsts…first child to drive. First child to date. First child to graduate. The first child to leave home. First child to….

Here we are his first Easter, in his grandma’s backyard, searching for plastic Easter eggs.

I cried for two years when he learned to drive. Every time I saw him behind the wheel of a car my heart swelled with pride and fear and so many emotions.

It’s true what they say, children really do grow up too fast. Each moment shared with your child is unique, and must be cherished.
He became a big brother over and over.
He was my little buddy. We did arts and crafts. Had long talks about nothing. I lived a lot through his eyes and heart.
Then one day, he turned 18.
Suddenly, all I wanted was more time. More time to invest with my child. More time to make memories. More time to hold him. More time to celebrate.
It’s the same feeling, I’m sure many parents feel. Audrey and David felt the same way. The realization launched their brand Life Pearls, the perfect gift for the new parents.

Each Life Pearls contains exactly 936 pearls.

It seems a truly random number; doesn’t it. Yet the reality is it is a very significant number–there are only 936 weeks between the birth of a child and his 18th birthday.
The reality of 936 weeks: Baby to 18 years

This is the beauty of Life Pearls.

Once a week, parents are to remove a pearl, symbolizing the week passed with their child. This action acts as a reminder of the importance of spending quality time with their child, and to treasure every moment as it passes. moment as it passes.
The pearls found in each Life Pearls vase are made of 100% ABS plastic
I really love this concept. A ritual that encourages you to slow down, reflect on how love has grown in a week. A moment to relive those first steps. To remember those first words. To smile at the first tooth.
Had Life Pearls been around when I became a new mother, I would have strung each pearl onto a necklace. As each pearl was threaded and put into place, I’d have written a note of the memory it represents. Imagine, my Jacob, marrying the love of his life and my gift to her being a pearl necklace that holds all my memories of his childhood.

And while you’re celebrating the weekly milestones of your child with Life Pearls, they donate 50-percent of all profits to charities that make a true difference in the lives of single mothers and orphaned children. Visit for a list of organizations.

Jacob is 26 and it seems to have been a journey that happened overnight. Those 936 weeks will go faster than you want to believe. Life Pearls is a great reminder of the love found between a mother and her child.

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