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Life Pearls - The Perfect Gift for Parents

Our babies grow up way too fast. Bunny is teaching me this. It seems like my second child, Baby Sister, is growing up faster than my first. I want to remember and cherish each day I have with them. Life Pearls is a visual reminder of how fast the days are passing by.

Life Pearls is an elegant vase with 936 pearls inside. There are 936 weeks from the day your baby is born until their 18th birthday. Life Pearls is there to remind you of this precious time that slips by so quickly. Every week you are to remove a pearl from the vase. Every time I do this, I get a little sad. I realize one more week has passed and my babies will be grown and gone before I know it. This helps me to cherish the moments I have with them and enjoy our time together.


Life Pearls has a free app you can download that goes hand in hand with your physical Life Pearls. Once you download the Life Pearls app and open it, you are prompted to fill out your child’s information. This includes their name, gender and date of birth. By filling out your child’s date of birth, the Life Pearls app will tell you how many pearls you need to remove. Life Pearls is not just for new parents. If you have a newborn, a toddler, a child or a teenager, Life Pearls is perfect for you! When I entered my toddlers birthdate, the Life Pearls app instructed me to remove 148 pearls. This is not that many pearls compared to how many, 936, are in the Life Pearls jar, but it definitely made an impression on me. Already 148 weeks have passed by. Seeing this reminded me of how precious time is and how quickly it passes us by.


The Life Pearls app gives you a weekly activity and weekly advice. The Life Pearls app also reminds you to remove a pearl each week. The Life Pearls app asks you what day and time you would like to receive these reminders. This is completely up to you! So far the activities the Life Pearls app has suggested have been fun and engaging. The activities and advice the Life Pearls app gives you is based off the age of your child. The activity and advice for Baby Sister (8 months old) is different than the activity and advice for Bunny (almost 3 years old). You can add as many children as you would like on the Life Pearls app.

There are so many fun things you can do with the Life Pearls you take out each week. You can  save you Life Pearls to give to you children on their 18 birthday or when they become a parent. You can make some fun jewelry out of your discarded Life Pearls. You can fill a clear Christmas ornament every year with the Life Pearls you have taken out throughout the year. The options are endless!

You can purchase your Life Pearls online for $39.99. Currently Life Pearls comes in one color, white.


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